vitamin d3 and calcium

Losing Weight With Vitamin D and Calcium

Maintaining a Healthy Weight with Vitamin D & Calcium Weight loss, as well as maintaining a healthy weight, has become a widespread challenge for many. Not only are we bombarded daily with media representations that glorify unhealthy foods; we regularly face many psychosocial pressures that encourage us to overeat. Genetics also play a huge role […]

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The Bacteria You Need to Keep a Healthy Digestive System

From Dinner Table to Medicine Cabinet: Why Probiotics May Be Beneficial For Your Health When you hear the word probiotic, what comes to mind? Originating from both the Latin and Greek to literally mean, “for life,” probiotics have long been a culinary staple to our prehistoric ancestors. For thousands of years, fermented probiotic foods such […]

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Stop Pediatric Atopic Dermatitis With Vitamin D3

Vitamin D and Pediatric Atopic Dermatitis: Scratching the Itch Vitamin D, recently being accredited as the “miracle vitamin,” has many promising health benefits that are allowing it to live up to its name. Originally identified during the Industrial Revolution for its vital connection to bone growth and mineralization, vitamin D via sun exposure was found […]